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Substance Abuse Counselor Employment

The substance abuse counselor employment options can be found in schools, universities, homeless shelters, social service departments, treatment centers, rehab centers and hospitals.  The substance abuse counselor, also referred to as a behavioral disorder counselor can also find supervisory positions in this career field once they have worked in the field for more than three years. Here we will take a closer look at the different work environments for the substance counselor, the substance abuse drug counselor job description and which positions can offer a higher substance abuse counselor salary.

Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs

You can find work as a counselor in a homeless shelter where there are also supervisory positions available, such as manager or shelter director. The director position will require the substance abuse counselor to work with case managers, oversee staff, manage the shelters finances and help the case managers to assess the needs of clients. In this position you will also need to work with the volunteer coordinator in order to help recruit volunteers and plan the shelters volunteer schedule. The salary for this type of supervisory position will range from 36,000$ to 38,000$.  counselor salary

Working in a halfway house the counselor will work counseling patients that are recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. The counselor will help the patients to develop a plan for sobriety and also monitor their progress and help to build the patients interview skills in order to prepare them for employment. The salary for this type of position will bring an annual pay of 29,000$ to 30,000$.

Working in a Hospital Setting as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Working at an in-patient treatment center the substance abuse counselor will work with patients that are going through withdrawals from drugs or alcohol and will counsel them on an individual basis or they will lead therapy groups.  Out-patient treatment centers will involve the counselor working with patients during the weekends or evenings, in order to allow them to maintain their full time employment. The counselor will be available to work with these patients on a one on one basis, monitor their progress and also lead group therapy sessions. The annual salary for the in-patient counselor will range from 30,000$ to 34,000$ while the out-patient counselor salary will range from 30,000$ to 35,000$. Both types of salaries will depend on the counselors work experience and level of education.

The substance abuse counselor employment can also be found in a hospital, in the drug dependency unit where they will work with patients that are suffering from withdrawals from drug or alcohol abuse. This type of position may require the counselor to work long hours or have a rotating schedule, as these facilities will receive patients that are recovering from overdoses or other types of severe cases that can involve the patient entering the facility at any hour of the day or night. The salary for this type of position will range from 32,000$ to 34,000$.

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