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Substance Abuse Counselor Programs

… as which state you reside in. this type of internship will not only provide the student with the much needed hands on experience in the field but can also help the student to determine which type of facility they will want to work in once they have obtained their degree. Substance abuse counselor salary […]

How to Become a Substance Abuse Counselor

If you’re interested in learning how to become a substance abuse counselor, here we will learn about the education requirements, the substance abuse counselor training requirements, the type of substance abuse counselor salary you can earn depending on the work environment and the required clinical hours needed before you can take the counselor certification exam. […]

Substance Abuse Counselor Employment

… abuse drug counselor job description and which positions can offer a higher substance abuse counselor salary. Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs You can find work as a counselor in a homeless shelter where there are also supervisory positions available, such as manager or shelter director. The director position will require the substance abuse counselor to […]

Substance Abuse Counselor Salary

As a substance abuse counselor you’ll work with patients and their families regarding substance abuse issues such as drug or alcohol abuse. The counselor will provide counseling and also help to develop programs for treatment for the patient based on each patient’s problems. This type of profession will require state certification as well as a […]